Parent Organization: Student Life

Green Unity 4 VCU is an organization that focuses on making VCU greener through service and education. We work directly with the Center for Environmental Studies as well as student groups and local organizers.

Our focus is VCU and the Richmond community because we believe that change can start here and it is important for people to begin to see the changes that will better their quality of life in order to carry on a more sustainable future.

We aim to promote cooperation and teamwork among students, faculty and staff from all different schools within the university, as each will have unique skills and expertise to share. We work with local organizations and businesses to promote sustainability, conservation and overall, an environmentally-friendly better quality of life.

Our slogan is "Resilience through Diversity." It's not just a central concept to ecology but also to how we believe this group will be its strongest and most effective. The more unique and widespread we are, the greater the impact we can have.

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/green.unity.4.vcu

Come to a meeting and share, we want to hear your ideas on how VCU and the surrounding communities can be more sustainable!

Address 907 Floyd Ave
suite 018
Richmond, VA 23284
Phone Number P:(571) 230-9627